BEYOND COMPLETE Professional Teeth Whitening Kit with Tray Whitening Material

Single Patient, Comprehensive Whitening Package


This 35% hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) In-office teeth whitening kit includes everything needed for one patient.  The COMPLETE professional dental grade kit is a comprehensive choice as it combines both chairside and take-home products in one package. Designed to treat most common teeth bleaching cases, a typical treatment is three consecutive cycles of 10 minutes each combined with light acceleration. The dual barrel 35% syringe includes enough gel for four cycles. The two CoreWhite syringes contain a gentle 6% H2O2 formula that you can send home with your patient for at home touch ups, as well as material for creating tailored trays. In conjunction with the Polus Advanced system, the Dental Advisor awarded this kit as the 2016 recipient of the best Whitening:  In-Office.



This product is restricted for use in the dental office setting.
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  • Features BEYOND’s 35% H2O2 advanced formula whitening gel
  • Gel’s proprietary formula improves oral health while whitening
  • Static mixing tip provides a one-step gel application
  • Produces dramatic glossy, white results
  • Contains special ingredients to reduce the risk of sensitivity
  • Clinically proven results
  • Additional whitening gel and tray material for follow-up and maintenance
  • Includes all patient preparation materials

Kit Contents

1 Solo gel Dual-barrel syringe 35% (4g/3.5 mL)

2 syringes CoreWhite gel (mint) 6% (2.36g/2.2 mL)

1 BlueSeal Single syringe (2g/1.6mL)

1 Mixing tip

1 Plastic tip

1 Metal tip

1 Cheek Retractor

1 Jar of lip cream (2.4g/2mL)

1 Suction tip

2 Sheets EVA impression tray material

1 Face Protector

1 Complete instruction manual

1 Vita Shade Guide

1 After-treatment guide

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 7.01 × 6.26 × 1.38 in